Monday, June 27, 2016

Boboli Gardens

A hot day in Florence.
An unhappy hubby.
I suggested a walk in the Boboli Gardens.

Being Summer it was a sea of green.
Not a Spring bloom in sight.
Hubby became even more unhappy at the lack of colour.

I didn't mind.
I know gardens change from season to season.
I was happy to explore the famous garden, said to inspire the garden at Versailles.

I'd researched a bit about these gardens, said to be the greatest outdoor art gallery in the world,
and I wanted to explore.
I heard about beautiful sculptures, fountains and grottoes. 

But we didn't find them.
We didn't get very far in before it became plainly obvious that my poor beloved was not having a good time.
And what he really needed was a coffee and somewhere to sit.

It was a bit disappointing.

But some day I may get back.

Boboli Gardens, Florence - July 2015


  1. A nice set of photos! Hope your husband feels better.

    1. It was not a good morning for him, but the day got better :)

  2. It looks like a beautiful area to wander... and get lost in!

    1. I could have got blissfully lost for the whole day. Next time :)


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