Thursday, June 2, 2016

Walks of wonder

To escape the intense Italian summer heat we walked through a cool arched corridor, paid a few euros, and entered the main cloister of the Basilica di San Lorenzo.

At the far end we climbed a stairway and found ourselves in 

A magnificent library designed by Michelangelo (yes - THAT Michelangelo) for the Medici family.

I was so overcome by such history that I almost swooned with pleasure rather than heat.

The spring flowers had disappeared from the garden but the summer fruit was ripe for picking.

And one had a nice cool view of the rooftops of some of Florence's great monuments.

Inside was quiet, cool and breathtaking.

Wood paneled ceiling

And interesting tiled floor.

This later section was added in the 19th century.

 Further wandering found us back at Piazza Santa Maria Novella, which I assumed was named after the beautiful church of Santa Maria Novella (picture below) and was also 30 seconds walk from our hotel.
Time for an ice cold drink.  

The benches in the piazza were much too hot to sit on for long during the day (though a few brave souls tried), but in the evening we perched for a while and listened to a busker playing the most beautiful violin music.

Ahhhhh Florence......

Florence, Italy - July 2015


  1. A magnificent city to spend time in. Your interior shots are a particular delight!

  2. Thank you. Two days just wasn't enough. :)

  3. OH Debs, this is magnificent! A place I've never been and you make me want to rush out and get a ticket! Lovely photography and what a subject!

    1. And best of all, because it's not a well known tourist attraction, you don't have to line up for hours to get in. You just walk in. Hope you get that ticket soon :)


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