Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Window views and random snaps.

It's now been 1 year since our escape from normality.
And yet that floaty Florence feeling stays with me.

When will we again stay in places like this?

With stairways like this leading to our room.

Out the back was nice too.

With views like this.

And places like this just meters away.


Florence, Italy - July 2015


  1. What a grand place to have spent time in.

  2. Well of COURSE! These photos are breathtaking and of course you would miss it. A year isn't very long -- still fresh. It has been four years since my Paris journey and I still long for that time! I've never been to Florence but think I would love it. Your photos don't discourage that feeling!

  3. So much nostalgia after a successful trip; wonderful photos for an album of memories.

  4. What lovely photos - some gorgeous views, cityscapes and architecture. I'd love to visit Florence one day!


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