Friday, October 21, 2016

Helping the Cangianos

A quick break from our normal program to bring your attention to the new widget on the right of your screen.

Fellow blogger and damn fine woman, Jessica Cangiano from Chronically Vintage, lost everything in a recent house fire.
Jessica and her husband Tony made it out with only the clothes they were wearing, their phones, a bag containing their wallets, their dog Annie and their car.  Their cat Stella perished in the fire.
Absolutely everything they owned, including a lifetime of memories, Jessica's extensive vintage clothes and accessories collection and all her stock from her Esty shop, were lost.
Jessica also suffers from chronic illness and all her medical gear was lost as well.
Kind friends set up a donation site which has already reached its goal.  However if you are able to help out in any way or even pop in with some good wishes they will greatly appreciate any assistance and kind words.

Thank you and now back to our regular program........................


  1. It's all those things that can't be replaced, that seems to really hurt after a fire.

    1. It certainly is. It's the loss of their cat and all their memories which are hurting them the most.

  2. Oh my. If I were to lose Lizzie, nothing else would matter. How tragic.


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