Friday, November 4, 2016

Resplendently remarkable ramshackle Roman things.

So far we've covered a bit of Renaissance Rome, Mid-Classical Rome and Retro Rome.
How about some ancient Rome?
Or to try to keep with my R alliteration, Really Ruined Reign Rome.
Or perhaps Roman era Rome?

Hmmm ok - here are some pictures of absurdly old things.  

One of our wanderings took us around the Roman Forum,  We didn't pay to go in and wander (I think I need another word for walking - "wander" has been a bit overused.  Amble?  Ok Amble) err amble about these magnificent structures in graceful states of destruction (Like that?  Great use of adjectives there Debs - um where was I?) as there was no shade amongst the ruins, it was a meltingly hot day, and the view was just as good from around the edge where there was some shade.

Now for a bit of history.

The Roman forum is what's left of the buildings of the Roman public plaza that was used from about 8th Century BC to 600 AD - that's about 1400 years folks.  It served as an area for commercial, religious, political, legal and social activities.  

You can find a list of the monuments in the Roman Forum here.

You can see a line of tourists up the top who were doing the same thing we were.
I would have liked to actually amble about the ruins but it was really that impossibly hot.
Next time we will go in cooler weather.

Just a nice view from the top of somewhere - nothing to do with ruins.

 Oh and we did happen to pass this place on our travels

but as I'm sure it's not familiar to any of you I shan't mention it.


 Roman Forum - July 2015


  1. Marvelous ruins and ancient architecture. I'd love to see it all for myself.

    1. It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I do hope you go there someday.

  2. Beautiful photos of the ruins. The scenery is awesome!

  3. This is so majestic. Doesn't it take your breath away to realize you are walking on the very spots where so much history happened? I am in awe of the age of Europe (and don't even think about Asia that is even older!). I feel so for the Italians in the earthquake areas. Breaks my heart.

  4. How amazing to see this. It always strikes me how this architecture survives, even in its ruined state. Thanks for sharing this x


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