Monday, February 20, 2017

Rippon Lea - land grabbing and demonstrations.

Continuing the story of Rippon Lea mansion and gardens now under the ownership of Lulu and Tim Jones.

In 1956 the Olympics came to Melbourne.
So the Victorian Government grabbed - err sorry - compulsorily acquired some land from the Rippon Lea estate to build a new television studio for the Australian Broadcasting Commission.  They did however give Lulu some money for her trouble.
Very generous.

Then in 1958 Tim died leaving poor Lulu feeling very sad and wondering what to do with herself and the house.

The Vic Govt very kindly gave her something else to think about by trying to grab - sorry again - put a compulsory acquisition order on a further four acres in 1963 to enlarge the studio.

Lulu had enough and fought the order all the way to the high court, but lost.

However help was at hand because the community had also had enough of compulsory acquisition orders and staged a huge demonstration that attracted about 10 000 people.

Did it work?
Stay tuned.......

Next up - final chapter.

Rippon Lea, Melbourne - May 2016


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