Friday, May 12, 2017

Winter weather

Drip drip drop
Little April shower
Beating a tune as you fall all around.

The words from a Bambi song reverberated in my head as I listened to the rain outside.
Even though it was more gale than shower
And it was June.

Looking back at these photos and news articles from 11 months ago I'm reminded of the "weather event" that we experienced here.

A massive storm was forecast and we were told to batten down hatches.
Not having any hatches to batten down, I brought in a few things from the deck that could be blown away in a strong wind and just waited to see what would happen.
False alarms had happened before.

It was a lovely Winters day.

The grown up puppy and I played in the garden.

Then during the afternoon the wind and rain came.  Through the evening and night the storm built, whirled and danced a waltz of destruction.

Image source ABC News

Some foolish people ventured out to take photos.

Image source Manly Beach Facebook page

We were lucky - the extent of our damage was a slightly flooded carport.

Others were not so lucky.

Image source ABC News 

The next morning, on the way to work, I took a wander along the beach to see what was left.

Image source The Daily Telegraph

The promenade was littered with debris and sea life fatalities. 

I thought of the wildlife and was happy to hear at least some received a helping hand.

Image source ABC News

Sydney, June 2016


  1. Must have been a scary event.

    1. Yes it kept us awake that's for sure.

  2. I thought this was a pretty glorious and happy post till I saw all the devastation from the flooding. I'm glad you were safe but yow!

    1. Yes we were fine. But the insurance battles for others rage on.

  3. These images make Melbourne's weather look positively tame!

    1. I know that Melbourne can experience some pretty hairy weather too.


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