Saturday, April 7, 2018

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

This letter is to tell you we're through
I've had long hot months to consider our relationship
And it's not me
It's you

You've given me many sleepless nights
Tossing and turning in despair
All the windows thrown open
Trying to get some air.

You've completely scorched my garden,
And not allowed the slightest cool breeze.
Wisteria is wilted, daffodils drooped
And you killed my maple tree.

And though you kindly dry my washing
With your relentless heating powers
You've stayed too long, and make me pong
Despite 2nd hourly showers.

My power bills are through the roof
From having air con on all day,
I've had enough, pack up your stuff
And kindly go away.

I confess to a new love you see,
And Autumn colour I need to embrace
but whenever I think I've seen the last of you
You show your ugly face.

But the break won't be forever
So don't despair Summer dear
When I've become bored with Winter's ways
You'll be back within the year.

Photos and poem by Deb


  1. Very creative!

    Your summer's ending, and our spring has yet to begin. We still had snow last night.

  2. Thank you. I'm sure you are feeling the same thing about Winter right now.

  3. Dear Summer, I heard you were being uncermoniously tossed out by your friend Down Under. Up here in the North we are missing your warmth, lack of snow, and sunshine and we long for your anticipated visit. I don't suppose you could make both of us happy by leaving there quickly and arriving here sooner. I promise I won't complain too much when you ramp up the heat. Do send signs of your arrival soon!

    1. Hahaha Thank you Jeanie, I think think Summer heard you. It is certainly cooler today (finally) so I'm sure it is on its way to you :D

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