Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Art and about in Hyde Park

Today I went to Hyde park to see the Sydney Life exhibition. It's part of the 2009 Art and About event. The Sydney Life exhibition is a display of 22 photographs on huge canvas strung from the trees of the park. They are chosen from over 500 entries and the public vote on their favourites. This is mine. It was taken by Janie Barrett at Coogee Beach. She said that she couldn't help wondering what the little girls were thinking - and neither can I.

I tried taking it with the surrounding trees in the background because I liked the effect.


  1. What a great exhibition! I walk through Hyde Park everyday to and from work and I never get tired to look at the photos.

  2. Hyde Park is possibly my favourite park in Sydney. Have you seen the "Laneways by George" exhibition yet? I'm hoping to check it out later this week.


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