Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Newtown the remedy for cabin fever.

Sunday night we were going a little crazy from being cooped up. So we dug out the Winter coats (thank goodness for laziness - I should have lovingly packed mine away ages ago) and headed to Newtown for some Egyptian food. I love Newtown but especially at night. The eclectic shops and cafes - heaven. The diverse array of old buildings - fantastic.
I took this picture as we were heading home. I'm no architect but this building had an art deco look to it and the lights shining on it created a beautiful effect. Well I thought so anyway.


  1. Very lovely building ~ the one next door looks attractive too. {It's easy to be too hasty with packing the winter clothes away ~ I've learned to keep the boxes in easy reach!}

  2. I have to admit I took a lot a pictures of buildings in that street that night. It was hard choosing just one to put up.

    Boxes! - wish I thought of that. I'm having the bedroom painted and everything is all over the lounge room at the moment.


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