Saturday, November 26, 2011

Secret to staying cool on hot summer nights

Well lets begin in the boudoir so to speak. I'm talking night attire. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere is almost upon us and that means hot Summer nights. If you're going to writhe around in sweaty frustration because you can't sleep (or are having a sweaty but altogether much more pleasant evening) you might as well do it in style. In one word - silk.
Silk is a natural fibre so will let your skin breathe. Plus the make up of the silk fibre (triangular like prisms) make the material shimmer - which will perfectly set off your "glowing" complexion. Perfect for a romantic evening or even just reclining on the couch in front of the tele watching late night movies, because it's too damn hot to do anything else. At least you're giving the Hollywood goddess on the screen a run for her money. Now a word of warning. When it comes to washing your delicate chemises hand wash hand wash hand wash! I cannot stress it enough. And dry your delicate lovelies in the shade (or even better, indoors). Silk doesn't hold colour very well if you dry it in the sun. And under no circumstances put them in the dryer! So dim the lights, turn on the fan, lie back on top of the doona and sleep peacefully knowing that you look a million dollars as well as feeling comfortable. Photos taken by Moi unless otherwise credited.

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