Friday, November 18, 2011

What to do when the voices kick in

Goodness what a day! Still recovering from a very strenuous week with daughter's 10th birthday sleep over last weekend. The place was overrun with pre-teens so I did what every self respecting mum does and STEP ON A BEE! Had to take antihistamine to stop foot swelling to size of a melon which of course rendered me unconscious and hubby had to take over. Couldn't have planned that better if I tried. Yesterday I finally get the house back in order and hum my way to work happily thinking my life was back in order after the fun and chaos.
Sometimes I wonder if it's good for the voices in my head to be working in the health industry. One of the specialists I work for (a charming and impossibly glamorous Endocrinologist) didn't like size of my thyroid and has written me up for an ultrasound. Immediately the voices jump in and tell me I have only weeks left to live and I had best get my affairs in order.
The only thing left to do in this situation was to take more antihistamine and render myself unconscious again - which upon returning home I duly did.

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