Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wardrobe basics 101 - the T and the tank

I was going to write a post about trench coats a little closer to Autumn when the weather turns deliciously cool, however if this Autumn-like Summer weather doesn't let up I may do it earlier. Today however, we are focusing on T's and tanks.

I don't know about you but I'm not too fond of t-shirts with logos (unless it's a particularly cool rock n' roll T) or with not so funny sayings on the front. Give me a plain T or tank and I can pair it with anything. T's and tanks go with anything, shorts, jeans and even skirts, especially if it's a pretty print skirt. Wear them with a good quality necklace, or under a tux jacket or blazer. White tanks look great with beige pants, men's blazer and sandals. So cool and chic. Team a plain black t-shirt with white pants, open toed sandals and big sunglasses a la Jackie Onassis and you can't go wrong.

The best place to find your basic white t-shirt and tank top is Big W. It's best to go early in the season as they get snapped up fast! I always buy 2 in white (for the Murphy's law dirt attractor factor) and one each in navy, grey and black. Don't opt for bright colours - great for kiddies when you're trying to locate them at the beach, but not for us 'mature' gals.

And if you'll notice ladies, I've photographed these essentials on plastic hangers (not as good as wooden or padded hangers but better than wire), because as those fabulous femmes of fashion, Trinny and Susannah say, "Whether it came from Prada or Primark (or in our case Big W) it deserves a decent hanger.

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