Friday, January 13, 2012

rich in history but a bit more info please

Last week I took my father and step mum to the Quarantine Station at North Head.  The place has a rich history, but unfortunately not much information is given out about the buildings ie there's no storyboard on any telling you what you are looking at, you pretty much guess.  There is a museum and to wander around is free, but I suggest taking a tour if you want to learn about the buildings and areas as you're looking at them.  There are quite a few tours offered and I think I'll be taking one next time.  Maybe a ghost tour................
spoooooooky effect

Ovens used for incinerating contaminated materials & belongings

Didn't know if I liked the black & white effect....

or the sepia....

or the colour so I posted all

taken through the window - I'm assuming it was a hospital ward

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