Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vivid Sydney

Between 25 May and 11 June is the annual Vivid Festival in Sydney.  It's a wonderful festival of lights and music, where at night the city's buildings are lit up in bright colours, and light and music displays are everywhere.  I last went in 2010 (having missed it last year) and had a lot of fun.  We haven't been to this one yet, but are hoping to catch it this weekend.  So, as a result, the photos you are about to see weren't taken by me.

They were taken by my friend Clive.  A man with an incredible passion for life, and takes the most brilliant photos.   He kindly let me post some here.  You can see the rest of Clive's photos here .

Enjoy :)


  1. Wow, it looks amazing! What a really great idea for a festival!

  2. Seems to be more interactive this year. Hoping to go tonight. :)

  3. Oh wow, thank you for sharing these with us, they're simply stunning :D


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