Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Winter, vintage and food - does it get any better?

Just received my new acquisition.
A 1950'sdress from Vintage Clothing. 
{Photos of dress from Vintage Clothing - again my phone camera didn't do it justice}
Photo from Vintage Clothing

Photo from Vintage Clothing

I discovered this fabulous website few months back now, and fell in love with everything on it.  Linda's clothes and accessories are in beautiful condition and she's a darling to deal with.  I had already bought an Edwardian top from her (which I'm still looking to repair after my washing tragedy) and had put a deposit on the above dress when we got the news about hubby's cancer.    Linda has been so understanding and I was able to pay off the dress in small amounts.  (Yes it cost more than my usual thrifting - but so worth it) Now finally, it's in my wardrobe.  Just in time for Winter.

Also, just in time for Winter - oranges are in season!

I had a desire to bake.
I had some oranges to use up.

 I decided to make an orange and poppy seed cake.
I used Nigella Lawson's (my culinary heroine) recipe for lemon maderia cake (which is my family's favourite) and just substituted the lemon for an orange, and added a tablespoon of poppy seeds to the mix.

ps.  Hubby's last scan showed cancer gone gone GONE!!!!!  Think I'll have some cake to celebrate..................


  1. It's wonderful news about your husband's health, and you're going to look incredibly soignée in that dress.

  2. Thank you very much. It's such a relief. And merci re dress, I'm wondering whether to wear it on the next tweed ride........

  3. So great to hear that your husband is free of cancer. Love the dress, very stylish. Linda has a wonderful site. And I'm a Nigella fan too. What a great idea you had with the cake, it looks yummy. xo

  4. Thank you - we are all breathing sighs of relief. And ta for cake - it was yummy. Nigella rocks! :)

  5. Deb, I am so glad your dress has been a success, particularly as you bought it at a very stressful and worrying time. Thank you also Favourite Vintage Finds for your positive feedback.

  6. Thank you Linda. I absolutely adore it. And have been blagging about the fabulousness of your site to anyone who will listen ever since hee hee.

  7. Hélas, j'ai perdu ma taille de guêpe. I have lost my thin waist (taille ).
    I am selling the dresses i have made on markets, in same time that lot of decorations from my studio. I have to pass farther.
    I like the way you write, funny and serius. We say it * pince sans rire. As longer I can undertand.

  8. But, it is not by eating cake I will found back my *taille de guêpe *. I can only eating them, with eyes.
    But, if you have a thach wirth ( ??? ), to leasy to look on the dictionary, and Google doesn't help me, you can eat many, many, many cakes. But I advise you, wery difficult to loose.


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