Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Winter - an un-poem

I love Winter.

Winter sun
I go outside

and craft a fairy house.

Then go walking in my NEW SHOES! (Thanks Marianne)

Winter rain

I can stay warm and snug indoors

 And maybe knit something

Yes, it's my favourite season - then again I do love Spring, 
and Autumn
and sometimes Summer.................


  1. Heureusement que vous n'êtes pas comme moi autrement qui aimerait cette saison qu'est l'hiver ?...
    Oui je l'avoue ne pas aimer l'hiver, le froid, la neige, le brouillard et les jours courts...

    Gros bisous à vous.

  2. Fellow feeling from a very wintry summer in Ireland. Your images are lovely.

  3. Always best to enjoy the current season! My brother-in-law and family are just flying to Australia today, for a six month sabbatical. So they will have winter, then spring, then winter, then spring!

  4. martinealison - Our Winters are not as cold as yours, though sometimes I wish for a little snow......

    Mise - I hear that the Summer is not really Summer this year all over Europe. Our last Summer was more like Autumn.

    Melissa - How funny. No need to pack warm weather gear then :)

  5. How lovely to find martine sliding here. Ohgee, It's aonly last seven in the morning here and already I am perspiring bullets from the heat.

  6. Ugh.. my phone keeps chaNging alison to sliding. Argh.


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