Sunday, August 12, 2012

A quiet day

I've missed blogging.  I've been so busy getting ready for an influx of house guests, I haven't had much time to think of anything else.
I had a stressful month and needed to slow down.  So I spent the day rugged up in a blanket reading.

With the wind and rain outside, I lost myself in a witty book of handy household hints.
A glimpse of sun

The light started to die.

I snuggled further into my blanket.

I want to stay here all day, but hunger drives me into the kitchen to bake some potatoes and make some allspice gravy.
I know that recipe is here somewhere......

On my turntable:  Stacy Kent & Jan Lundgren Trio / Street of Dreams (Nu Jazz Anthology)


  1. Sounds like a day well-spent! I'm hoping for the same kind of day here, but we're having the opposite weather. Over 100 everyday this week. I'm closing the blinds and hiding out in the AC. Hope you have a nice visit with the house guests :)

  2. It sure is lovely getting all cosy in Winter. That book looks a goodie. Sending hugs, Carla.

  3. Melissa - Just like a little holiday :) I certainly hope it's cooled down somewhat there.

    Carla - Just finished it today. India Knight is one witty woman.

  4. Yummy! Potatoes and gravy. One of the ultimate comfort foods. Then there is homemade mac & cheese and delicious meatloaf. Great every time. Your blanket looks warm and comforting.

  5. It was the only place to be on a blustery weekend. Oh yum Mac & cheese!


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