Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A weekend away in our backyard

Last weekend my glamorous neighbor and I went to our French class on Saturday, to make up for missing our class during the week.  This gave us the opportunity for a spot of window shopping, make up purchasing, and  David Jones Christmas display window gazing.  To mark the occasion I wore one of my favourite dresses.  A floaty Barkins dress with pretty embroidery on the bodice and sleeves I found at Rozelle markets about a year ago.

Off to Queen Victoria Building for the biggest Christmas tree ever and a spot of more window shopping.

Yes it's still November, and yes I guess I'm jumping the gun, but I do so love Christmas.  The baubles, the lights, the food, the carols.  I love the feel of the shops, and thankfully my GN (glamorous neighbour) feels the same.  We were as a couple of girls in a toy shop.  Then it was a quick stop at Allens Music which is housed in the old Bank of NSW building, but is sadly closing down, for some last minute buys for GN's muso husband, before catching the train home.  Another bonus photo opportunity of an old glass ceiling and tiled floor you just don't see anymore.

While we were skipping the Christmas lights fantastic, hubby and daughter were hitting the garage sales and scored a few bargins for the house.  My favourite being a fantastic coffee sign? picture? that is now gracing our lounge wall.  It goes well with our other previous treasure finds.


On Sunday we hit (well actually almost missed as we got there so late) Carlingford markets, and remember those shoes on my Christmas wish list?  Well I found something very similar.

 We had a lovely weekend away - and we didn't even leave the city.


  1. What fun! I love love your new shoes. :) I adore Christmas also. The day itself and the festivities leading up to the day. And to me, window shopping is as much fun as buying especially during this season! The window displays are always so magnificent. Glad you and your GM had such a great time.

  2. Thank you . It's always more fun to window shop with someone who likes the same things. :)


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