Friday, November 16, 2012

All i want for christmas - no white goods!

Well, now I've got Halloween and daughter's birthday safely tucked away for another year (and allergies have receded to functioning levels), my mind is turning to the upcoming celebrations of Chanukah and Christmas.  There are a lot of things I covet - err I mean I plan to ask Santa for.  Things like these from Vintage Clothing
pictures from Vintage Clothing

Picture from Vintage Clothing

Picture from Vintage Clothing

Or these shoes from Asos

Or a holiday in
Photo from International Internships

Photo from Expat Blog

Or one of those adorable quilts from France.
Picture from Kaboodle
 But no, it's not to be.  For after a year of medical expenses and every dang major appliance breaking down we have nought to spare.

Yes folks - for this

and this and this and this and this and this!!!!    all needed fixing or replacing!

It's been a white good conspiracy.

Then other essentials to life decided to join the walk out.  Namely this
(failed brakes)
and this
(cracked shower screen)

All in all it makes one feel like this


So how does one cope with these hiccoughs?  One drinks.  And one dreams of poisoning all manufacturers that make appliances that break down just after the warranty expires.

However on a happier note, I have lots of lovely new white goods which will (hopefully) last a while - and best of all - the coffee machine comes home from the repair shop soon.  One feels like donning a 1950's style apron and twirling from dishwasher to washing machine to oven as I do my chores on my new gadgets.

Though if things keep going the way they are, then the only things that Santa will bring daughter this Christmas will be clean laundry and home cooked meals.............................


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