Monday, August 12, 2013

The Green Hill Murder - Kerry Greenwood

Image from Good Reads

Book number 5 in the Phryne Fisher murder mysteries begins with Prhyne dancing the night away at the exclusive club The Green Mill.  And of course, this being Phryne, mischief is never too far away.  A man is stabbed on the dance floor, but nobody has seen anything.  Once again our heroine must use her masterful mind in solving the case - not because she has any close connection with the victim, but because her dance partner took off like a frightened rabbit and so was blamed for the murder.

Phryne, must find him, as well as a missing brother, an errant husband and help a cheated couple, all while assisting the police to catch the real culprit.

And look exceedingly fashionable all the while..................

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