Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wardrobe CPR

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to write a post about another chapter from the fabulous book 'Madame Chic'.  I was going to follow on from the eating component with the exercise component.

However, since my still rather mysterious in origin lung complaint, I have not been able to exercise, or even move about as I used to.  So while I essentially feel fine - I need to build up my strength and stamina again before even think about foregoing lifts for 5 flights of stairs.

So I will move on to the following chapters and come back to exercise later.

Liberate yourself with a 10 item wardrobe.

Easier than it sounds ladies (and gents).

When I first read the chapters I thought "Oh pish!  How could I possibly get by with 10 items".  But then I spent a couple of weeks bedridden and was forced to look at my overstuffed wardrobe.  I thought long and hard (nothing else to do) about what I actually wear out of all the items crammed in there, what I enjoy wearing, and what I wear purely because I spent a lot of money on it, or it was given to me by someone special etc.  I thought about what suited me and what I keep just because it's a 'label'.

I decided that my wardrobe wasn't working.  I either needed more space or I needed to cull.
Space wasn't going to happen so culling I did go!

Once I sorted out my piles I put together a 15 item wardrobe (yes - I didn't exactly stick to the 10 item rule but I had to factor in laundry time), and this is what I discovered.
1.  All my coordinates now - well - coordinate beautifully.
2. I no longer have the what to wear dilemma as everything now goes with everything else.
3. I have SPACE!  I can even fit in my vintage dresses (which I counted as part of the 15 items)

I was inspired to continue and got inventive with shoe space.
My hanging section of our wardrobe

Find your true style

This I found easy once I had worked out what style suites me and what I feel good in.  I needed a couple of things to complete my new Winter wardrobe (namely some long sleeve tees - which don't count towards the 15 items as they're classed as layering items) and a pair of skinny jeans or pants.
I realised that I'm a combination of styles, casual elegance with a city edge and vintage when the mood takes me.
Once I worked out what I liked best, shopping was easy.
Now I love every item in my wardrobe and never have a dilemma getting dressed again.

Except that now Spring is almost here and I need to work out my Spring wardrobe.........


  1. Hi Debs! Thanks for visiting me on Histoires fines et farfelues. I alos have a painting blog called Peintures et Aventures. Hope you'll comme and visit.
    Your post is full of great ideas and fun also. A real CPR thing! Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Thank you. Working on the Spring wardrobe now :-)


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