Sunday, September 1, 2013

Fifties fashion fantabulousness

Last Sunday I visited Rose Siedler House and attended the Annual 50's Fair.

Photo by Clive

Photo by Clive
Photo by Debs
50's bands
Swing dancing demos
Fashion parades, in fact
Fantastic fifties fashion everywhere!

Photo by Clive

Photo by Clive

Market stalls
Great bargains
A sticky beak around one of Sydney's historic houses
And crinolines on hills hoists!

Photo by Clive
Honestly, is there any better way a gal can spend a Sunday?

My poor little phone did no justice to the gorgeous colour - hence most of these photos were taken by my friend Clive, who was also responsible for the Vivid photos from last year.  You can see the rest of his amazing pictures he took here.

* I've been told that the above link is hard to open so here it is again.

Hope this works a bit better :)


  1. Yes! What a fun afternoon that must have been! :). I love all the fashions, and that living room is awesome!

    1. It was a great day and I want to live in that house :-)


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