Sunday, October 20, 2013

The naughty ember

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The naughty little ember decided to play a game,
"I'll make the people dance" it claimed.

It flew to the Blue Mountains and gobbled many homes ,
But got bored and wanted others to join the fray.

Image from Nine News

It flew to the Southern Highlands, to the Hunter and the Central Coast
Looking to make more mischief,

It ate more homes and bushland, and closed highways and an airport,
And caused commuters and travellers grief.

Image from The Australian

And made people and animals flee,

It threw black smoke across Sydney's skies,
And buggered up Year 12's HSC.

Image from The Australian
We know you're not finished you wicked little ember,
We know your evil is widespread.

But beware, take care, you horrid little ember.
Our brave lads and lasses, will weather your fire, heat and ashes,
And not rest until you are dead.

Image from The Australian

Image from Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Hello Debs !!

    I sincerely hope for the best when the fire clears !

    Greetings from Asia


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