Monday, April 21, 2014

Diamonds and pearls

What kind of magic creates these strings of glass?

Is it fairies?

Or woodland creatures?

Or perhaps some very talented spiders?

Let's just hope that the cheeky cockatoos don't spy them.

 Or we'll lose our magical decorations.

Our garden - March 2014

I'm taking a small blog break for the second week of the school holidays, but shall return next week with more  adventures in my land of whimsy, dreams and alliterate knights


  1. The skills of a spider are impressive indeed.

    The bird looks magnificent.

  2. Magnificent and very very loud :)

  3. you have cockatoos in your very own garden! beautiful photos and I was raised thinking fairies and magic trolls were responsible, I'm 64 and now share the magic between the spiders, fairies and good trolls.

  4. I especially like that fifth photo in which the dewdrops on the web look like a waterfall.

    Lovely garden and white cockatoo.

    Enjoy your break!


  5. Have you thought about producing books with this kind of thing in? Perhaps you already do.

  6. Wonderful shots.
    I don't know how i found your blog but like it, a happy follower

  7. Lynn: we are blessed with a very rare thing in Sydney - a huge back yard, so we have an abundance of native wildlife (including the odd snake)and of course we have fairies at the bottom of the garden.

    Hope: I didn't think of it that way but you're right.

    Mike: Haha no I haven't made a book but you've given me food for thought.......

    Margie: thank you and welcome aboard :)


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