Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pale curtains and pretty views (or Alice in Floating Facial Features land)

Soft sunlight caressed my eyelids and 
I awoke in a room of white.

Outside was a higgledy piggledy lane
and a curious chin,

I dropped all decorum and danced about a floating head,

For I was in a new and exciting place.


  1. More creative as you go along! Have a happy holiday!

  2. Love this post. So much fun. :) And i noticed that you mention Phryne Fisher in your 'about me'. I LOVE her and those mysteries. I watched the first season on Netflix, but they don't have the second, so i got Acorn just so i could see the second season episodes! Essie Davis is wonderful, and the clothes! The sets! What's not to love. Okay, i'll stop blathering now...

  3. I guess you were dreaming? It’s good that you remembered. I usually forget my dreams pretty quickly unless they are terrible.

  4. OK - looking forward to the next chapter..!

  5. William - Thank you. I must give credit for the last photo to my rather creative tween daughter.

    Mary - Oh a fellow Phryne fan!!! I agree, what's not to love? I've got both series on DVD and can't wait for the 3rd series to come on ABC. Must find out when that is. I have all the books too and am up to book number 11 (or is it 12?). Back in May hubby took me to see a display of the costumes. So beautiful. You can see some of them here. http://sydneyfoto.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/return-of-snotty-and-some-phryne.html

    Some of the garments come from the costume designer's (Marion Boyce) personal vintage collection. Ok I'll stop blathering now too..........

    Vagabonde - Not a dream, just my insane mind ;)

    Mike - Next installment coming up!

  6. Traduit en Français par Google, ton texte est vraiment très poétique :

    Douce lumière du soleil caressait mes paupières et
    Je me suis réveillé dans une chambre de blanc.
    Extérieur était une voie mêle pêle
    et un menton curieux,
    J'ai laissé tomber tout le décorum et dansé sur une tête flottante,
    Pour j'étais dans un endroit nouveau et passionnant.

  7. You're right, it sounds so much better in French (but then everything does)


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