Saturday, December 20, 2014

A field of flowers

Sydney was never an innocent lass.  Something about starting life as a penal colony blemishes a gal's complexion somewhat.  However there was a carefree element about her.  An energetic bounciness that made you fall in love with her.

She lost her bounce last Monday.

She will get it back - you can't keep a good woman down - though it will take a little time.  She is not the first city to experience loss at the hands of terrorism and sadly she is not the last, as events in Pakistan only a few days later so cruelly demonstrated.

Those who experienced the full horror of Monday and Tuesday, and their families, will have a long road of recovery ahead of them.  The rest of us are starting to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off. 

So to bring a little brightness back in , I have been trawling back through my photos of Sydney and will show you some of my favourites.  So you can see the bounce she once had, and will have again. 

And hopefully the world will fall in love with her once more.



Photos from 50's Fair and Vivid Festival taken by my friend Clive.
Photos of Luna Park taken by my niece.


  1. She is a beautiful city indeed! I'm so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking... Thinking of you and your city, and sending healing thoughts and prayers..

  2. Beautiful, gorgeous shots. Just the kind of spirit lifter that you need right now.

  3. Thank you both so very much. It's been such an emotional week and I needed to remind myself that there is still beauty in this world. X

  4. Wonderful shots of a beautiful City that will pick itself up again but will never forget the evil that surrounds the world at the moment. Good will win in the end. xx

    1. Yes we've lost the carefree "it can't happen here" attitude. Thank you for your lovely comment xx


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