Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lunch with Rex

Splendid sunshine
Pleasing panorama
And fine fare.

However my lunch companion seemed bored to the point of extinction.

The Australian Museum - March 2015


  1. Bonsoir,

    Charmant petit billet... Des photos superbes.

    šŸ’œGros bisous

  2. He hasn't had any lawyers to eat in 65 million years, or since 1993. Very funny!

  3. Merci Martinealison.

    I'm sure there are people willing to feed him some lawyers William :)

  4. Oh, I do agree with you!! I know a number of people that would be more than happy to feed him some lawyers!! Fun post for the day, Debs!! Thank you for visiting/commenting on my blog!! Always appreciated and I do love Australia!! Hope you're enjoying a great week!!

  5. Thanks for visiting the History Anorak blog. I'm not sure I could relax too well in close proximity to such a huge beastie - no matter how dead he was!

  6. PS... Go to Settings on the blogger dashboard. Choose Posts and comments, then see what you have for comment location. Try Embedded. And make sure Show word verification is set to No.

    It SHOULD work. But I'm no expert.

  7. Preciosas vistas las que nos enseƱas con tus fotos.

    Un saludo.

  8. Thanks History Anorak I will try that.


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